Month: March 2016

Don’t Be A Cookie Monster

The photo above sounds great for my taste buds but maybe not my well-being. In last week’s post we talked about a Paleo Checklist. It is the idea of having a well-rounded and overall healthy lifestyle. One topic we covered explained the importance of balance; balance in life and in our diet. We talked about treating Paleo Desserts… Read more »

Party like a Caveman in 4 Easy Steps!

Paleo Challenges and food restrictions can be challenging while trying to be the social butterfly you are! In order to be successful in your health you will need to adapt, luckily we humans are really good at adapting. Now, keep these 4 things in mind so you can party like a caveman. And remember just… Read more »

Paleo Challenge Recipe: Chicken Pest “PASTA”

Craving pasta? With the right ingredients we don’t have to miss out on the things we love. Although Spaghetti Squash doesn’t taste just like pasta it is a great alternative to some of our favorite dishes, like Pesto Pasta! If you get bored with chicken try seafood and get those awesome Fish Oils into your… Read more »