4 Mobility Exercises You Should Be Doing EVERY DAY!

“I PR’d my couch stretch” is probably not a phrase you hear as often as “I PR’d my back squat”, but does that mean it’s not as important? Mobility is a vital part of Crossfit and health.

Crossfit without mobility is like forgetting to wear your pants to work. Sure, you got to work quicker, but now that everyone is staring at your underwear you are starting to feel a little uncomfortable. Same goes for mobility – by skipping it you started the WOD quicker, or got home from the gym earlier but eventually your body will begin to feel uncomfortable. Without mobility our body cannot be the properly greased machine it so desires to be. We will run fine for a while, but long term Crossfit without mobility exercises can create a decrease in improvement or worse, injury.
Add these 4 mobility exercises to your daily gym routine to see flexibility and recovery improvements. Coaches can often tailor mobility exercise to you specific needs so don’t forget to consult a coach if you have questions!
Banded Hip Extensions will improve our hip flexors and anterior pelvic rotation. The Banded Hip Extension should be done for 1 minute each leg x 3. Once you have done this and feel you flexibility has improved then you should switch to a proper and upright Couch Stretch. The Banded Hip Extension is beneficial for people suffering from low back, hip flexor and potentially knee pain.
Toe Elevated Hamstring Pulses can alleviate low back pain. This movement is very beneficial for a variety of areas including; hamstrings, glutes, calves and ankles. Do this movement 30 times each leg x 3. As shown in the photo, place your foot on a plate, and begin small pulses only extending through your natural range of motion that will increase through the sets.
Pancake Splits are best after a workout, but if you are only able to do them before that is ok too. Pancake splits against the wall increase hip abductor flexibility which will allow for more flexibility in squats, allowing you to push your knees out farther while squatting. Do this stretch for 2 minutes.
Mwod_Starret_Pancake Split
The Twisted Cross is a pectoral stretch. This type of mobility with help the interior rotation of your shoulder. The Twisted Cross can help improve movements like the Snatch or lifts with front rack positioning. twisted cross
Give these a try and be cautious with all the movements. Only do what your body can handle, and talk with one of our coaches if you have questions. Commitment to mobility, means we can play every day and move without pain!
By: Jessica Brearley & Coach Kyle