Recover Faster and Stronger by Following Simple Daily Practices

We workout. We get sore…maybe even feel exhausted at times. We cannot take for granted the importance of a few daily things. Did you catch that…DAILY. If you drink the appropriate amount of water after a goods night rest tomorrow to start these practices, don’t expect to feel a change instantaneously. Practice these following things diligently for 2 weeks and let’s see how you feel a the end.

DRINK WATER & SLEEP Drink at least 96 – 128 oz of water throughout the day! More on days you workout! As for sleep, try to get 6-8 hours. If you can’t get that all at once, A lot can be said for a 30 minute nap. Can’t fall asleep, download the “Relax” app on your phone that does a guided relaxation practice that can be programmed to 15 minutes! These two things will help restore resting length of your muscles, energize the body, and will support nutrition absorption and filtration of the excess crap in our system.

MOBILITY is key to our CrossFit program. Not only to improve positioning in our lifts and get stronger in our gymnastics practice, but it also to restore proper resting length of our muscles! When we are consistent, daily aches and pains of our joints can reduce that would also become aggravated during our workouts. Take advantage of stretching on your floor at the end of the day each day and see your lifts go up and rowing get faster!

POST WORKOUT We need proteins and carbohydrates. When you workout, you are tearing and stressing muscle fibers and burning through stored carbohydrates to produce energy for you to work. So you need to replenish your energy source with more carbs (fruits, veggies, whole grains, etc.) and then rebuild muscle with protein. If you just take in protein and no carbohydrates, then your body will synthesize the protein and have to use it to renew your energy source and your muscles will be left hanging. When that happens, your muscles get tight, knot up, pull on our joints more and make us feel…in a simple word…”shitty”.

ZONE DIET & SUPPLEMENTS – Matt Chan Video on programming your Zone Diet

  • We will be having a Nutrition class may 30th at 7:00pm writing people’s Zone Diet and talking more about it if you want to try!

This is Next Level stuff. If you have been practicing the CrossFit motto “Eat Meats and Vegetables, Nuts and Seeds, some fruits, little starch and no sugars.” that can serve as a great starting point, but ultimately leaves us with questions: What is the right serving size? When do I need to eat my meals? What should I get in my post workout? How will I meal prep all this? FOOD IS FUEL and just like an engine, we need to make sure we are getting the right fuel at the right time.

Supplements Keep it simple to start. Take a Multivitamin and Fish Oil (6g/day).

Fish Oil is an anti-inflammatory (Omega 3’s) and this is going to be helpful for those CrossFitters who also eat paleo (nuts, grains, starches, meats, eggs) as those things are pro-inflammatory. Along with helping your muscles out, Omega 3’s from Fish Oil will help improve cariovascular function, nervous system function, immune health, memory and mood issues.