Last night I made the decision that I would fully Rx MURPH meaning doing the workout unpartitioned as a chipper while wearing a 20 pound vest. I knew there would be hard moments physically. I knew there would be gear malfunctions. I knew that others may beat me to the finish, but I also knew that nothing short of injury was going to stop me. As Chyna Cho (6th at the 2015 CrossFit Games, Team USA) “It’s gonna be hard. You know it’s gonna be hard. You just gotta embrace the suck.”

My weight vest didn’t have straps so using an old shoelace and some gauze, I was able to secure it well enough. Then, 3-2-1 Go and within the first 400 meters, realized the vest was strapped in such a way that a flap right at my chest holding 10 pounds of Iron kept bobbing back and forth hitting me right below the chest a.k.a. perfect position to get hit and immediately feel like puking. I couldn’t help but smile thinking about the person I have become through mind breaking workouts like this because there was not one second I thought about stopping.

With my cousin’s and my grandfather’s names written on my forearms, I looked up and put one foot in front of the other. Mile 1 finished. Then off to sets of 5 on the pull-ups. Honestly my pace slowed because for me this whole workout was those push-ups. The 200 rep grind that was right in front of me. Every rep I completed brought me that much closer to what started as 10 reps at a time, quickly falling to 5 and then sets of 2. SETS of 2 until I got done with 200! Woof. After crossing 100 repetitions, I was helped through my final reps because of member Robbin. Every time she hit a push-up, I did as well. I pulled on her strength and made my goal simple. Move when she moves and it got me to focus on what I could do rather than what I couldn’t. Once that final one was completed, I thought, “Thank God, I have made it!” Then I did 20 squats and quickly got hit with the fact that 300 might take more time than I thought.

That’s the deal with this workout though. Just when you think you have a handle on it, the work gets harder or you are surprised by some new challenge, but that should never stop you from your goals. During the last mile, all I could think about was how great it was to do that workout with my fellow Iron Athletes.Opening Iron Industry and coaching all of you has been a dream realized. Murph solidified for me that we have one of the best communities of people around and I look forward to the years to come of laughing with you all, sweating with you all, and pushing myself to be better than I believed because of you all.