Torn hands? How to heal and how to prevent tearing


This week’s blog post is in response to all those out there struggling with tearing hands. It happens! We get calluses, chalks mixes with sweat and those rough hands become softer and skin starts to pull and sometimes can tear… and it totally sucks. In the shower, typing at work, you feel it all the time and your workouts suffer cause our grip gets challenged. So here is what to do…

PREVENTION: Shave calluses, Work Grip Strength, and monitor wear and tear.

Using a ped egg, razor, file, cheese grater or whatever to file down those calluses removing excess skin that easily loosens and pulls the rest of your hands apart during the workouts. That being said, your skin gets pulled by the sliding of your hand on the bars. Working on grip strength and having a better hold of bars, will reduce the amount of excess rubbing…especially, false gripping those Muscle Ups! Finally, use straps during lifts or GHDs instead of Toes To bar so that you balance the amount of gripping you actually do day to day saving our hands for more workouts.

POST TEAR CARE: Keep them Clean, Use ointments, and tape up.

First and foremost, clean them. Bite your bottom lip and clean them right away and then bandage them up with some ointments: Neosporin or Aquafor (if its a surface tear or like a popped blister). If it is a deeper bleeding tear, then don’t cut the skin away, but just wash and wrap and modify those workouts to give your hand time. For those surface tears, here is a great video on how to tape up!

Buy Grips?! So if taping and tearing become an often occurence, you may want to look at different grips, gloves or gymnastic straps to help your way through CrossFit. This is a common need for the avid CrossFitter and wraps can be used as preventative or post tear care! Here is a popular option for straps and wraps! And for those of you looking for the full package of hand care products, there are also options like the WOD Welder Handcare Kit from Rogue Fitness!