Squat Like a G! Among Other Things…

Written by: Coach Elijah

I’m always watching weightlifting & CrossFit videos to learn new cues or methods professionals are implementing in order to better my ability.Seeing as how we are in the middle of our strength cycle, I thought this video would be helpful in pointing out 2 things that will help build a better squat:

(1) After watching the video, did you see how every one of the lifters (for the most part) keeps their grip narrow, upper back really tight and chest up. They let their knees break first and travel over their toes and really drive with their quads. As they come out of the hole (bottom of the squat) they come out with speed and drive their upper back into the bar. This keeps the torso upright and maximizes efficiency.

(2) See how they attack the weights. Each rep looks like a max effort. Because it is. They take their time between reps, get their breathing right and focus on making each attempt technically perfect. This is the approach we all need to have. Getting stronger is hard, and requires you to constantly push weight. Don’t be afraid to fail a rep, and push yourself. You can handle more than you think.

At 2:21 you will she that girl squatting, and as she drives out of the hole her hips rise immediately, shifting the weight into her hamstrings, glutes and back, eliminating the use of the quads. Not ideal, and technically not great. She isn’t quite able to keep her torso upright with that load and she ends up failing the last rep.

As you progress in the sport, PR’s will be fewer and farther between. Focus on your technique and maximize your efficiency. Every rep, from your air squat warm ups to your max out 1 reps should look the same. Constant attention to the details, and dedication to maximizing your technique will allow the PR’s to continue to roll in.

-Coach Elijah

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