Managing New Year Resolutions when Everyone is Talking Change – 3 Strategies for Success in 2018

Happy New Year Iron Athletes!

EVEN if you lived under a rock…some way…somehow…you have inevitably been exposed to some kind of advertisement talking about new year resolutions. So what do you do when you are inundated with this idea that you have to change everything about yourself?

FIRST Breathe & Brainstorm
Nothing was ever accomplished without planning and preparedness. You are going to take 20 minutes and write down EVERYTHING you think will make you a better person (for your eyes only). Then each week, you will pick JUST ONE thing to implement into your normal routine. Once it becomes habit and not feeling like “extra” effort (hopefully in 1-2 weeks) then we go back to our list and add in something else in addition to the great new habit you have completed!

SECOND Be Consistent
People are made up of what they practice every day. It is easy to focus on the outcome, but the process is what gets you there so you need to bring clear intent to the work you do each day and that is easy when our goals become a priority in our life. Try ranking your brainstorm list or pull out what seem to be the most important things to you right now and that will make it easier to be consistent with your weekly task of one new thing to add to your schedule.┬áIf you don’t care about what you are doing, then it will show in the work.

THIRD Be Your Biggest Cheerleader
Before anyone else believes you can do it, you have to believe you can. Lots of times, I have frustrations about how I look and fears about how capable I can be at CrossFit, but all of that is based on other’s perceptions or future experiences that haven’t happened yet. I shut myself down before I even have a chance to feel good and that is how we fall from what’s really important to us. Fear of failure.

Do not fall victim to false perceptions. Love yourself in order to build resiliency to the pangs of life and keep good people around you that affirm the things you value in your own life!

  • Coach Josh

Stay Tuned for next week when Coach Ashley Shares her thoughts on Resolutions!