Mapping out a plan for 2018 – Coach Ashley

“If you don’t know where you’re going you might not get there.” –Yogi Berra

In 2017 I was training harder than I ever had, eating the best I have in my lifetime and was surrounded by a core group of friends that are incredible to say the least. I enter 2018 training less, trying to improve my overall relationship with food and still, thankfully, surrounded by those incredible friends. I also charge forward with new direction and focus on where I want to go in this new year.

Last year I was training and eating like I was because I didn’t want to feel left out, it was convenient, I had people tell me I should and (most days) it was fun. Not because that was my goal, and that’s exactly why it didn’t last. I wasn’t pulled towards these things by passion. Folks would ask me if I was training for regionals or some grand finish line. Nope. I’ve heard athletes speak of regionals or the games being their goal but that never stirred up anything within me. Those goals sound stinkin’ cool but that’s not enough to pull me out of bed at 5am to train or say no to ice cream at a party.

2018 isn’t about FOLLOWING a dream or idea anymore but rather being PULLED so strongly towards my passion that nothing can tempt me away from it, get in the way of it, or divert my drive towards it. This year I have an idea of where I want to go and I can start setting a plan or roadmap to get me there.