Practicing Balance in Life Led Me to 3 Helpful Findings

Written by Coach Elijah,

As I head into the new year my biggest priority is, balance. My perspectives on life have shifted and I’m finding new passions, different motivations, as well as cultivating new and meaningful relationships. With all of that comes the difficulty in managing my time and stress. I have a lot on my plate that I love, but it can be difficult at times.

I have a passion for fitness, coaching, nutrition research, cooking, family, etc. and though I am still figuring it all out, here are a few things that have worked in helping me prioritize what’s most important to me in life right now…

First and foremost. When am I going to train? When am I going to cook? When am I going to coach? When will I spend time with my family? For me, having a loose flexible schedule is key to balancing all that I need to get done, and then holding myself accountable to that schedule. I bought my first big paper calendar this year (sounds silly I know.) Sitting down every Sunday, mapping out my week, making notes of all the things I need to get done and being able to see my calendar on paper everyday has helped me so much in terms of managing my time.

When it’s time to cook and eat, focus solely on cooking and eating. When it’s time to train, focus solely on training. When I have time to spend time with my family, they get my undivided attention. This means shutting the phone off, and being engaged. Im not perfect, I still have days where I check my phone in-between sets, or respond to an email when I’m cooking some food. I have found the more that I can keep myself in the moment and focus all my attention on what I’m doing, not only am I more productive, but I feel better and the quality of my actions is at its highest. This takes a lot of practice and awareness!

With a busy life schedule it can be easy to forget about your individual wellness and needs. As much as I prioritize all of the things I need to get done on a weekly basis, I also make sure to carve out some me time. If you don’t take care of yourself, managing all other responsibilities is going to be daunting.

Practicing these things has been vital to my balance. We only have 24 hours in a day and I’m not perfect in getting all these things done, but it’s all about progress, not perfection. I am extremely excited for 2018. Life seems to get sweeter every year and I feel so fortunate to be where I am. Express gratitude daily, love yourself, love others.