Injury Prevention and Recovery

written by Coach Joe

Have you ever been injured?

“WHAAAAT?! …Nooo?!!”

Or maybe your like me and you do get injured sometimes…

Not the major obvious injuries, but the nagging consistent ones. The ones we tend to ignore. Ones that go away while we exercise, but come back later as aches and pains. I’m talking about soft tissue and overuse type stuff, sprains, pulled muscles, and tendinitis.

When I do get injured, my initial response is denial! I try to ignore it and hope it goes away, or maybe I can just do certain movements and avoid the exact muscle area for awhile. When that’s not enough, I realize I actually have to take some time off CrossFit and focus on foundations that help me heal. That realization is depressing…Moving keeps me sane! Exercise keeps my energy up! Working out, building strength, and practicing skills are a central part of my life and now and I feel like I have to give it all up forever when I’m Injured!

So I try to accept it. I cut way back on activities to let my body heal itself and during that time try to accept that I may never do Isabel or rock climb again. I’m ready to move forward with my life in a semi-invalid capacity. I’ve made peace with my limitations and consoled myself with the fact that others are a lot worse off than me. At the end of the day I’m still in pretty good health, in the richest country in the world, with plenty of food and clean water. Time to figure out what else to do with my life!

After months and months dedicated to recovery time, and putting more energy into the other areas of my life, I found that my body felt strong. I discover it doesn’t hurt to use that muscle anymore or perform those movements that kept my injury alive! I’m elated and jump right back into the old routines I maintained when training and POP! There it goes again. Same old issue. Back to square one within days and here is what I’m trying to remember as I move forward:

  1. Pay attention to your body! Prevention goes a long way in staying on course to your goals! Develop daily recovery practices like Mobilizing after every WOD, Incorporate Rest Days with low impact recovery work, Sleep, Focus on Diet, etc.
  2. Recognize Injuries as a sign that your body needs more focused work! They do happen, and acknowledging them early on helps your coach assist you in building the best recovery plan moving forward in your training…it doesn’t have to stop! It’s just re-focused!
  3. Stay Positive! Self talk is critical in approaching recovery. There are so many things we can do to improve your fitness. Let this be viewed as an opportunity to learn new things or cultivate other interests. “Setbacks” can push us out of our comfort zone and give us a fresh outlook we didn’t even realize we needed. Be patient, healing takes time and we want you to have a healthy career in CrossFit!

Talk to your coaches for daily recovery ideas, and let us know if you have any concerns! We’re here to help you be the best version of yourself!