My 10 Day Squat Challenge

My 10 Day Squat Challenge

Every morning at around 8:30am I feel this dull ache begin to build in my hip. It affects my mood, my desire to workout, and if it’s a particularly busy day, it lasts through the whole day and disrupts my sleep!

May is Fitness Month and I knew I wanted to do something to improve my hip pain, so I decided to keep it simple and focus on action steps within a manageable time frame. I chose to take the first ten days of may and record myself doing 3 squats in the morning and then choose one thing each day I could do to improve my squat.

Not fix it or perfect it, but just improve it. Slowly but surely, one day at a time, what happened was a new routine where after my morning classes, I was doing my stretches while making the post and within 5 days, my pain had lessend, but more importantly, a realization that prioritizing time for myself pays off in volumes. We need to make more moments in the day where we take consistent action towards improving one element of ourselves and then once that becomes a habit, choose to improve another element of your life : It can be anything so what’s your squat? What can you focus on for ten days?

My squat isn’t and may bever be perfect, but it is better than when I started and now I make time every morning to take care of my body.

Start your day with intention and reap the rewards!