Scaling Nutrition

written by Coach Ashley Greig

Hi, I’m Ashley and I LOVE ice cream!!! Oh…you knew? Was it my spreadsheet of ice cream sandwiches that gave it away?

Ice cream is my biggest vice. When it comes to sweet treats I have an all or nothing mentality. For me a serving size means the whole container and the size of the container doesn’t matter. This past Christmas I had a quart of ice cream to myself…it lasted a few hours. That being said I’m working to find balance in my nutrition by thinking of it like you scale a workout.

How to “scale” ice cream (and other foods):
1.Buy in portion controlled packaging.
2.Trade for a healthier alternative, like coconut milk ice cream (NOT Halo top, that is an insult to ice cream).
3.Plan or schedule treats so that it isn’t just up to will power to make an in the moment decision.

Let’s put scaling into practice. The Following WOD is a summer evening gathering with friends and food…

  1. Portion Control Options:
  2. – Rx: Buy favorite pint of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, eat 1 serving, save the rest for another day.
    – Scaled: Buy alternative, portion controlled ice cream, eat 1 whole portion (serving).

Healthy Alternatives start with the facts:
– Rx: Ben and Jerry’s Gimmie S’mores ice cream *PER SERVING (½ cup) 4 servings in a pint 310 calories Fat=18g Carbs=33g Protein=4g Sugar=27g (Multiply all those numbers by 4 because as I stated above I struggle with portion control).

  • – Scaled: 1 So Delicious coconut milk ice cream sandwich 90 calories Fat=4g Carbs=14g Protein=1g Sugar=7g. OR… Ben and Jerry’s Chocolate Milk and Cookies ice cream *PER SERVING (½ cup) 140 calories Fat=4.5g Carbs=22g Protein=3g Sugar=15g. This allows me to still eat the fun food that I love, but practice quality reps: staying in line with my nutritional goals.

Planning to enjoy your food: Most important is to be intentional with your choice to Rx or Scale and respect your boundaries that build success. Yes, I could go for the Rx on this WOD and it would be fun, but I wouldn’t be able to maintain the standard of stopping at 1 serving. I would be setting myself up to fail and that doesn’t lead to progress.

Join us for the 4th of July BBQ and learn ways we can scale some pretty healthy practices for more summer evenings with friends and food 🙂