I Hate Running. So I Ran a Half Marathon.

written by Coach Ashley

I hate running. Running in the sunshine, along the bay, on holidays, in the cold or rain…I hate it. I successfully avoided it for the majority of my life. I played softball through college and I wasn’t what you would consider a “power hitter” so 60ft (the distance from home plate to first base) was the extent of my running.
Until this past November.
“I did something dumb….I signed up to run a half marathon” is how I started the email to Josh when I asked him for help putting together a training plan for the run in April. I can’t tell you what possessed me to sign up in the first place. Immediately after I clicked the register button I was afraid of the task that I just committed to. 
With a ton of help and encouragement from Josh I started running. I built up to running three days a week and kept doing crossfit on the other days. Every day I was scheduled to run I dreaded it but was always happy when I finished. About half way through my training I noticed a couple of things. 1. I started to say I’m proud of myself. 2. If I don’t stop running, I won’t stop running. My last long training run before the race was 12 miles and I didn’t walk any of it. I’m proud of that.
I ran in the sunshine, along the bay, on holidays, in the cold and in the rain….I did it. I logged miles and hours of running. I got better. I still don’t enjoy running but, I ran a half marathon.
What I learned: 
*Be proud of yourself.
*Never say never. I said I would never run that far….whoops. 
*Try something new, it could be awesome. 
*Running would have been a lot tougher without crossfit. Mentally and physically crossfit prepared me well for running 13.1 miles.