4 Keys to Nutritional Freedom

Written By Coach Elijah

             Trying to fix our nutritional habits can seem daunting. With so much conflicting information out there, where should you begin? Whats the best way for you? How do you make sustainable, real progress? With life long habits engrained in our minds and actions, making positive change will require a diligent approach. This approach should be manageable, realistic and thorough over the long term to ensure sustainable success. When it is understood that long term success is achieved over a period of time, where progress is incremental, and small, consistent changes are a vital piece to the big picture, we can then settle in, embrace that pace and put our best foot forward. Let’s look at 4 key components to achieving success with changing your habits: Accountability, Simplicity, Education and  Practice.

           Lets start with accountability. Daily check ins, weekly feedback and knowing someone else is on your team and able to view your work is a huge asset. To add to that, having a daily focus and a platform to check in to regularly will keep your head in the game. Additionally, keeping these check ins short and simple is important in not making it all feel like a ton of work.  Having a coach to support you, give you feedback and nudge you in the right direction when it is needed is invaluable.

            Nutrition is simple, and too many times it is presented as this complicated thing that requires all this effort and measuring and research etc… In reality, if you can master the basics, you will be successful. This means learning how to listen to your hunger cues, understanding portions and balance, and checking in with yourself. Eating real whole foods and identifying how certain foods make you feel. Honoring your body and what it needs vs. what isn’t great for it. All these skills are innate, intuitive and inside everyone. Sometimes we just need some help digging them up! Food is simple, health is simple, lets not make it anything more than that.

            Educate yourself! In order for us to make a change, we have to gain knowledge that we can apply. We’ve all heard the saying, “give a man a fish, he eats for the day, teach a man how to fish, he eats for life.” Same rule applies here. This isn’t like going back to college with a huge work load. Its simply learning small bits of information over time to build our nutritional tool belt. Having a resource that presents information regularly, in ways that we can understand and apply to our daily life is extremely helpful. The more we can learn about food and its impact on our body, the more capable we are of making great decisions.

            Practice makes the habit. Think of how easy it is to complete something that has been habit for so long. Its like second nature. On the flip side, eliminating a bad habit and creating a new one can be challenging! However, if we can break it down into something small, and give it our genuine intention for a period of time, we can master it and then move to the next habit. Before you know it, some time has passed and because you kept it all manageable you now have a list of new habits that are routine. When we take on too much, and try to make a complete overhaul overnight, we get ourselves into trouble and end up throwing in the towel. Mastering small habits, in an organized way that makes sense and leads us to our end goal is the ideal way to progress.

            Take a look at your own nutritional practice. What keeps you accountable? What keeps you progressing with your good habits? Do you need help figuring these things out? We have had some great success working one on one with our Iron Athletes on building a better nutrition practice. Starting September 8th, during the FitLife Challenge, we are making the Precision Nutrition program that provides you with these daily lessons and habits to complete helping you make food simple. Throughout the program, I will be giving feedback and support to help you along the way! Email me at Elijah@crossfitironindustry.com