CrossFit WOD, November 1, 2018

Nov 1st

Hinshaw Warm Up
*Walking pace:
High knee karaoke
Over the hurdle
Knee to chest
Figure 4
Lunge with torso twist
Toe touch march
*Building pace:
High knee
Butt kicks
Straight leg
Side step
Side step jumping jack
Sitting arm swings
Standing arm swings
*Walking pace:
Toes out walk
Toes in walk
Walk on heels
Walk on toes
Walk on outside of foot
Walk on inside of foot
*Building pace to sprint pace
50 yard hashmarks
20 yard run
40 yard run
60 yard run

Metcon (Distance)
10 minute amrap:
200m Run intervals with a partner

Metcon (Time)
50 Burpee buy in then:
30 Wall balls
30 Pull ups
20 Wall balls
20 Pull ups
10 Wall balls
10 Pull ups