Beating the Holiday Hustle

It’s no surprise when I tell you the holidays bring a shift in priorities. Whether it is more time set aside for family that keep us from the gym or the never ending presence of tasty treats that take the place of meal prepping, we are ushered into a season that can leave our healthy habits by the wayside. 

But! You are in luck! Because today we are going to talk about just exactly how you can overcome the hustle and bustle of our season without having to sacrifice your health and fitness…

1. More family time doesn’t have to take you away from the gym. Whenever I travel to my wife’s home for the holidays, we set a plan and talk about the days I can hop into a CrossFit gym or we see if there’s a 5K happening in town. The bonus factor in all this is I can usually talk some family into coming with me giving us a fun memory for the year.

2. There’s too much good food to pass up! Everything is fine in moderation, but at some point we have to start tasking ourselves to make a change. Maybe it’s as simple as creating a healthy version of an old holiday treat or changing the venue for the big holiday meal to your house and cook!

3. Increase in Demands at Work can leave us stressed and fried. Google it if you want, but we all know that stress can take it’s toll on our bodies. In order to keep sleep up, have a positive mental outlook on the tasks for each day and perform your very best, we cannot let your workouts slide. They are one of the very best defenses to alleviate stress, increase endorphins and basically give you that tangible feeling of accomplishment all the while keeping you in line with your ultimate goal: To be healthy and happy.

Basically, we have an opportunity to plan for our pitfalls. These were some things that jumped out at me from past experience that I want to prepare for this year, but yours could look totally different. If that’s true, then voice it! Talk with friends and family and come up with ways you can plan to end 2019 in line with your goals. Just remember at the end of the day, this is about keeping yourself a priority. Take care of yourself this year. YOU are important enough to dote on and love on so please do so!