New Programming Cycle here at CFII – Building a sustainable training program

Did you know that you are currently in the 2nd week of a 12 week training cycle here at CFII?

Every year, the end of the CrossFit OPEN is the start of a new training cycle focused on improving our foundational movements and aerobic capacity. What that looks like in each class is our Skill time will be shared between barbell movements (Back Squat, Deadlift, Press) and strict gymnastics progressions (pullups/pushups/core work). We are going to keep the reps high in our skill work with the intent to build better movement patterns for every member here. 

When we focus too much on racing the clock or the person next to us, we tend to stop prioritizing how good we are moving. That’s fine if you know the risks you are taking and I know we just got done with this huge 5 week competition so training days recently have been tough and everyone’s been pushing their limits! That’s all good and fun, but now is the time where we shift our idea of intensity from go-go-go to having an incredible focus on moving better with each rep. If that means slowing down, then slow down. My first CrossFit boss and head coach I had told me “If you can’t do the rep to quality anymore, that’s your body asking for a rest…so rest and do it right.”


When you watch the video link explaining more, you will see I review the 10 skills of fitness – Endurance, Stamina, Strength, Power, Speed, Agility, Balance, Coordination, Flexibility, Accuracy – Each of these skills are EQUAL in their value. We have just come off an 8-week cycle that prioritized speed, power, strength, and agility. Now we have shifted focus to Balance, Coordination, Flexibility, Strength and (Aerobic) Endurance. This cycle usually helps people feel really good 🙂 It’s a time to simply put, not worry about the clock. Focus on breathing good and moving better every day. 

My final point that I hope I have made often enough for you to take seriously and that is we have 10 AMAZING COACHES available to help you. That’s a huge part of what you get here at CFII. Talk to us about movements you want to achieve and we can help you get there. Let’s get after it Iron Athletes.