While no magic pill exists to replace hard work and showing up sometimes supplements can help out in a pinch when you can’t get everything you need directly from your diet or lifestyle alone. If you are looking to get more out of your workout supplements can be a ready solution.

However, they also might be one of the most overwhelmingly unclarified parts of the exercise world. With an oversaturated market full of things you can’t even imagine (or approved by the FDA) it can be hard to make a decision on what to take and from which company.

Fortunately, we have one company that has made a positive impact in our CFII Community, Nova 3 Labs! Due to this we are proud to announce that we are going to be carrying various Nova 3 Labs products in stock at the gym starting in January 2020!

You probably have heard of NOVA from our very own CrossFit Games Athlete Carrie Beamer, who endorses their products all over her social media, and with good reason, they work well for her!

Here’s what Carrie has to say about her favorite Nova 3 Labs products:

  • Max Perform: I use this every day for a pre workout and for BCAAs to help with recovery.  It tastes ridiculously good and helps me start my warm-ups and first workouts with a little more juice to go when I’m tired day after day. 
  • Max Capacity: I use this on extra-long days or competition days.  This helps me focus and last longer when I’m asking a lot from my body and mind repeatedly. 
  • Max Rehab: I love this for any anti inflammation help!  I’ll take this twice a day at morning and at might.  Turmeric 🙌🏻🤪!

It is worth saying again however that nothing improves performance like eating nutritious foods, drinking enough water, and getting a good amount of sleep. Also make sure to do your own research before taking a new supplement! Verify the company, products, and their ingredients, play it smart and play it safe. When in doubt reach out to a coach who can help point you in the right direction.

With this in mind, give us a shout if you are looking for certain NOVA products to have in stock or any other nutrition related questions. Coming early in 2020 we’ll also have more nutrition program options available with Coach Courtney!