What Makes an Iron Athlete: Perseverance.

A couple years ago, I began writing What makes an Iron Athlete, which was a list of personal characteristics our coaches and staff work to develop in every member at Iron Industry and the characteristic that stands out to me now more than ever from this list is “Perseverance.”

Every day we feel the stress of the coronavirus.  It’s impact is felt locally to globally and the daily effect takes its toll. In our last coaches meeting, Elijah mentioned “It’s Day 35…” and I just couldn’t believe it. More than ever before, my friends and family are feeling the pressures of too many uncertainties…about work, health, and simply, when is this all going to end?

When dealing with so many questions and changes in life, the lack of clarity makes it easier to be overwhelmed by stress and drawn away from the practices that keep us healthy, happy, and hopeful!

First, we need focus. Give up control to the fact that this is a crazy time and just like in the middle of a CrossFit WOD, we need to breathe and move. Find calm in the crazy and focus on what you CAN do that will get you moving through the challenge ahead. That is perseverance. It’s persistence through these challenges which are new to all of us. We can’t fear failure. Give yourself time and let’s work every day to better ourselves.

Second, this takes a plan. What’s your goal right now? We may have many, so lets focus on one goal at a time. One goal for me is to keep working out! I know that I am watching Frankie full time and so my new workout schedule is structured around her naps and early mornings before she is awake. Looking at my week, I try to pre-pick 3 days I can get my lifting done based on that knowledge and also the days where I can workout with Frankie. Having this plan (which took me like 3 weeks of this quarantine to get right) has been super important for my overall mood and health.

Third, is to take help when it’s offered. We are in a situation that is telling us to isolate, but we can’t do this alone. This is probably the hardest thing for me to do, but I can tell you from personal experience of failing at a lot of things that my biggest wins have been with people around me.

Your goals are important enough that you will need support and there is great strength in our community. Thank you everyone and I truly wish you the best of health.

-Coach Josh