My Relationship with food…is complicated.

I try not to stress about food too much knowing that life has ups and downs, but this entire lack of direction has led to a diet involving kid meal scraps and overeating sweets at night. Long story short, I want to do better. 

Notice I said, want to do betterinstead of can do better? If big change is going to come, you have to want it. You also have to know what your challenges are and for me, I need structure and support if I am going to succed. 

My Diet Structure – I have tried many different diet structure and this one makes me feel best. Everyone is different so when choosing a diet for yourself, track how your energy is and body feels rather than your weight!

My Diet Support – My wife. She is doing the diet too and is an amazing cook. A huge challenge for me is cooking…I can do it, just don’t enjoy it that much 🙁 wah wah…I know, but it’s my truth! But she loves it and her help is major in my success #loveyaboo

Wanting Change –  I had a health scare a while back with my gut that I learned to solve with food. Knowing this time that my health didn’t just affect me, but my family has been enough in seeing this change through. 

This week’s nutrition homework – Name your structure, support and reason for wanting change. After you have a plan, commit to one or two small daily actions that will help you reach your end goal. This week, mine are to drink 10 pints of water a day and eat veggies with each meal. These are simple, but that’s the point. I want to have attainable goals in the beginning I can build on. Often, we set ourselves up for failure by being too strict or requiring too many changes to juggle at once. Instead, be kind to yourself and build on the small successes you accomplish each week.