Do I weigh or measure my foods?

When embarking on a new diet, there are a lot of helpful strategies you can use to be successful. While weighing foods to get the perfect amount of macros or counting calories can help motivate folks to learn the right portions, it might not be where the real challenge lies in keeping your diet sustainable for the long term. 

I know that eating veggies, local meats and limiting other foods will help me be my fittest self…that’s never been the issue. My struggle is the routine. 

My daily routine in 2021 did not have Josh as a priority. This year, I know my food and exercise goals will be there if I focus on making the time for them, but they have to sync up with everything else I’m doing. One change that may illustrate my point is scheduling time to prep veggie snacks with kids. Prior to Paleo diet, my old snacks were protein bars, or anything quick, but now, I am able to take care of my kids and make that time more structured to support my goals. It’s also no surprise that my kids get more routine eating veggies too! This practice gives value to your goal and is an act of love for self that we all should make more routine in our lives. 

I guess that is a long winded “No” to answer the question, but I do hope to say “Yes!” one day soon! It’s just not in the cards right now. My goal for now is to make my new instinct to reach for whole foods rather than the quick food. This change alone has brought great results. As I’ve said, once a new habit sticks, then tackle something else!