New Year Resolution Slump… Why does it happen?

Cause this is hard work!

We have all been challenging ourselves to tackle new things this year, but old habits die hard. One of the biggest challenges we face with resolutions are those moments we fall off track with our goals. It’s important to remember that these are just MOMENTS! All your hard work is not lost. This is just an opportunity to identify what was going on when you chose the old habits and plan a better response for next time! 

For me, it’s when I haven’t prepped any of my mid day meals. I go right back into eating my kids leftovers or making a quick carb snack blaming it on hunger or not having enough time. These totally valid reasons still get in the way of the changes I want. My planned response for next time: Prepping on Sundays with my wife who is way better at coming up with tasty meals that can be saved as my lunches for the week.

The Result: I am back on track and ready for February! My goals are inspired by my family and they are going to be a big part of 2022. Keep your reason close to your heart and ask for help so you can continue on with those amazing goals for yourself! 

(from and Lisa Bryan.)

Chicken Breasts – I poach boneless skinless chicken breasts, but you could also use leftover rotisserie chicken.
Mayonnaise – The best creamy binder to mix all the ingredients together. And it’s easy to make mayonnaise at home!
Dijon Mustard – Just a little Dijon mustard adds great depth of flavor and a little spice.
Red Grapes – You could use red or green seedless grapes, I just love the contrasting color of red grapes.
Celery – I love my chicken salads to have that crisp celery crunch.
Green Onion – Green onions add that savory flavor without being too pungent, which is perfect.
Toasted Almonds – Toast your sliced almonds to bring out that nutty flavor.
Parsley – One of the best herbs for adding to salads, just chop up a few tablespoons.
Tarragon – The best secret ingredient! You’ll be amazed at how much flavor just a little bit of tarragon adds to the salad.
Lemon Juice – For that bright freshness.
Salt and Pepper – Always season to your personal preference.