Training Cycles at Iron Industry

Did you know you were on a training cycle, Iron Athletes? When each of my clients start working with me, there is base information I need. From there, we work through certain fundamental movements that addresses an individual’s needs, but in the end, EVERYONE that I work with is programmed towards the same overarching goal of becoming their most capable strongest selves.

I accomplish that by putting clients through cycles. A cycle is generally 8-12 weeks of training that focuses on developing one or two elements of your overall fitness. When consistent, these cycles give clients the opportunity to see large gains in the fitness.

You see cycles in the “Themes” or descriptions of any training program. For example, our next training cycle’s focus is “Strength Development and Hypertrophy” or high rep lifting that builds mass. We are still doing CrossFit and conditioning, but there will be consistent work with standard strength lifts like Shoulder Press, Back Squat and Deadlift. Each session will have one of these lifts, a conditioning routine, and then bonus work if time allows. This cycle also has two benchmark workouts as well as 6 rep max lifts that will be re-tested in the end to see your strength development and give me insight on what next cycle is best for you to transition into at the end of 8 weeks.

Every client I have is different and has different goals or needs in their workouts. For my clients doing this at home with no gear will work the same goals, but the process looks different. Our strength work will be achieved through strength and stability bodyweight moves at higher reps or pausing tempos to achieve the best result possible. For my clients that have runs or other events coming in the middle of my programmed cycle, we work it in! I will always believe training strength helps us in everything…We just need to do it the right way, under consistent structure and proper loading. 

Finally, my training cycles are organized within a year plan that reaches culmination at the CrossFit Games Open (End of February each year). That’s my New Year’s for my clients where we assess goals moving forward. This annual test offers the ground work to see where my clients need to develop strength, cardio and bodyweight capacity a.k.a., the overall fitness we need to have a happy and healthy life.