Top 5 Best Places to Find Healthy Foods in Skagit County

I should start first by saying these businesses are not self proclaimed “health food” restaurants per se, but they make great food and have menus that support most dietary needs!

  1. Slough Food – Edison – This is an amazing small plate restaurant that serves meats and cheeses, homemade soups, and a fine collection of European market goods.
  2. Sakura Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi – Burlington – I love Sushi! It’s jam packed with good fuel for the body and this restaurant also does Hibachi! Anytime you eat a plate of meat and grilled veggies, your body will be happy!
  3. Skagit Valley Food Co Op – Mt Vernon – This is a favorite stop when I am on the go with my kids. It’s hard to make a wrong choice on healthy foods here as everything is locally sourced and cooked with care for it’s customers. I love the Deli!
  4. Blue Taco – Mt. Vernon – My favorite Mexican food in Skagit! Satiate your hunger with their amazing beans and rice….oh and a taco while you are at it, will hit the spot!
  5. The Fairhaven – Burlington – I have loved this place since they opened! Their menu offers a great variety of American Classics along with great great great salads that satisfy your hunger. Easy to choose halthy options here.

It is important to remember that eating out should be about enjoying food and company. These places offer good options on the menu to keep your nutrition goals aligned so you don’t have to compromise your fitness with going out. Salad instead of bread, pay attention to your drink order, and grilled not fried! Make these adjustments to any menu order and you are doing alright 😉