Top 5 Best Places to Find Healthy Foods in Skagit County

I should start first by saying these businesses are not self proclaimed “health food” restaurants per se, but they make great food and have menus that support most dietary needs!

  1. Slough Food – Edison – This is an amazing small plate restaurant that serves meats and cheeses, homemade soups, and a fine collection of European market goods.
  2. Sakura Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi – Burlington – I love Sushi! It’s jam packed with good fuel for the body and this restaurant also does Hibachi! Anytime you eat a plate of meat and grilled veggies, your body will be happy!
  3. Skagit Valley Food Co Op – Mt Vernon – This is a favorite stop when I am on the go with my kids. It’s hard to make a wrong choice on healthy foods here as everything is locally sourced and cooked with care for it’s customers. I love the Deli!
  4. Blue Taco РMt. Vernon РMy favorite Mexican food in Skagit! Satiate your hunger with their amazing beans and rice….oh and a taco while you are at it, will hit the spot!
  5. The Fairhaven – Burlington – I have loved this place since they opened! Their menu offers a great variety of American Classics along with great great great salads that satisfy your hunger. Easy to choose halthy options here.

It is important to remember that eating out should be about enjoying food and company. These places offer good options on the menu to keep your nutrition goals aligned so you don’t have to compromise your fitness with going out. Salad instead of bread, pay attention to your drink order, and grilled not fried! Make these adjustments to any menu order and you are doing alright ūüėČ

Training Cycles at Iron Industry

Did you know you were on a training cycle, Iron Athletes? When each of my clients start working with me, there is base information I need. From there, we work through certain fundamental movements that addresses an individual’s needs, but in the end, EVERYONE that I work with is programmed towards the same overarching goal of becoming their most capable strongest selves.

I accomplish that by putting clients through cycles. A cycle is generally 8-12 weeks of training that focuses on developing one or two elements of your overall fitness. When consistent, these cycles give clients the opportunity to see large gains in the fitness.

You see cycles in the “Themes” or descriptions of any training program. For example, our next training cycle’s focus is “Strength Development and Hypertrophy” or high rep lifting that builds mass. We are still doing CrossFit and conditioning, but there will be consistent work with standard strength lifts like Shoulder Press, Back Squat and Deadlift. Each session will have one of these lifts, a conditioning routine, and then bonus work if time allows. This cycle also has two benchmark workouts as well as 6 rep max lifts that will be re-tested in the end to see your strength development and give me insight on what next cycle is best for you to transition into at the end of 8 weeks.

Every client I have is different and has different goals or needs in their workouts. For my clients doing this at home with no gear will work the same goals, but the process looks different. Our strength work will be achieved through strength and stability bodyweight moves at higher reps or pausing tempos to achieve the best result possible. For my clients that have runs or other events coming in the middle of my programmed cycle, we work it in! I will always believe training strength helps us in everything…We just need to do it the right way, under consistent structure and proper loading. 

Finally, my training cycles are organized within a year plan that reaches culmination at the CrossFit Games Open (End of February each year). That’s my New Year’s for my clients where we assess goals moving forward. This annual test offers the ground work to see where my clients need to develop strength, cardio and bodyweight capacity a.k.a., the overall fitness we need to have a happy and healthy life.¬†

New Year Resolution Slump… Why does it happen?

Cause this is hard work!

We have all been challenging ourselves to tackle new things this year, but¬†old habits die hard. One of the biggest challenges we face with resolutions are those moments we fall off track with our goals. It’s important to remember that these are just MOMENTS!¬†All your hard work is not lost. This is just an opportunity to identify what was going on when you chose the old habits and plan a better response for next time!¬†

For me, it’s when I haven’t prepped any of my mid day meals. I go right back into eating my kids leftovers or making a quick carb snack blaming it on hunger or not having enough time. These totally valid reasons still get in the way of the changes I want. My planned response for next time: Prepping on Sundays with my wife who is way better at coming up with tasty meals that can be saved as my lunches for the week.

The Result: I am back on track and ready for February! My goals are inspired by my family and they are going to be a big part of 2022. Keep your reason close to your heart and ask for help so you can continue on with those amazing goals for yourself! 

(from and Lisa Bryan.)

Chicken Breasts¬†‚Äď I poach boneless skinless chicken breasts, but you could also use leftover rotisserie chicken.
Mayonnaise¬†‚Äď The best creamy binder to mix all the ingredients together. And it‚Äôs easy to make¬†mayonnaise¬†at home!
Dijon Mustard¬†‚Äď Just a little Dijon mustard adds great depth of flavor and a little spice.
Red Grapes¬†‚Äď You could use red or green seedless grapes, I just love the contrasting color of red grapes.
Celery¬†‚Äď I love my chicken salads to have that crisp celery crunch.
Green Onion¬†‚Äď Green onions add that savory flavor without being too pungent, which is perfect.
Toasted Almonds¬†‚Äď Toast your sliced almonds to bring out that nutty flavor.
Parsley ‚ÄstOne of the best herbs for adding to salads, just chop up a few tablespoons.
Tarragon¬†‚Äď The best secret ingredient! You‚Äôll be amazed at how much flavor just a little bit of tarragon adds to the salad.
Lemon Juice¬†‚Äď For that bright freshness.
Salt and Pepper¬†‚Äď Always season to your personal preference.

Do I weigh or measure my foods?

When embarking on a new diet, there are a lot of helpful strategies you can use to be successful. While weighing foods to get the perfect amount of macros or counting calories can help motivate folks to learn the right portions, it might not be where the real challenge lies in keeping your diet sustainable for the long term. 

I know that eating veggies, local meats and limiting other foods will help me be my fittest self‚Ķthat’s never been the issue. My struggle is the routine.¬†

My daily routine in 2021 did not have Josh as a priority. This year, I know my food and exercise goals will be there if I focus on making the time for them, but they have to sync up with everything else I’m doing. One change that may illustrate my point is scheduling time to prep veggie snacks with kids. Prior to Paleo diet, my old snacks¬†were protein bars, or anything quick, but now, I am able to take care of my kids and make that time more structured to support my goals. It’s also no surprise that my kids get more routine eating veggies too!¬†This practice gives value to your goal and is an act of love for self that we all should make more routine in our lives.¬†

I guess that is a long winded “No” to answer the question, but I do hope to say “Yes!” one day soon! It’s just not in the cards right now. My goal for now is to make my new instinct to reach for whole foods rather than the quick food. This change alone has brought great results. As I’ve said, once a new habit sticks, then tackle something else! 

My Relationship with food…is complicated.

I try not to stress about food too much knowing that life has ups and downs, but this entire lack of direction has led to a diet involving kid meal scraps and overeating sweets at night. Long story short, I want to do better. 

Notice I said, want to do betterinstead of can do better? If big change is going to come, you have to want it. You also have to know what your challenges are and for me, I need structure and support if I am going to succed. 

My Diet Structure – I have tried many different diet structure and this one makes me feel best. Everyone is different so when choosing a diet for yourself, track how your energy is and body feels rather than your weight!

My Diet Support – My wife. She is doing the diet too and is an amazing cook. A huge challenge for me is cooking‚ĶI can do it, just don’t enjoy it that much ūüôĀ wah wah‚ĶI know, but it’s my truth! But she loves it and her help is major in my success #loveyaboo

Wanting Change –  I had a health scare a while back with my gut that I learned to solve with food. Knowing this time that my health didn’t just affect me, but my family has been enough in seeing this change through. 

This week’s nutrition homework – Name your structure, support and reason for wanting change. After you have a plan, commit to one or two small daily actions that will help you reach your end goal. This week, mine are to drink 10 pints of water a day and eat veggies with each meal. These are simple, but that’s the point. I want to have attainable goals in the beginning I can build on. Often, we set ourselves up for failure by being too strict or requiring too many changes to juggle at once. Instead, be kind to yourself and build on the small successes you accomplish each week.

CrossFit WOD, July 22, 2020


Agility & Coordination Drills

Metcon (Time)
4 Rounds of
100 ft Shuttle Run
20 Plate Situps 25/10
20 Russian Twists with Plate (20ea side)
20 Single Leg Ball Slams (10right + 10Left)
75 Double Unders