All or Nothing

All or Nothing: 

By: Jordan Robles 


It’s easy to get caught up in the New Year hustle: “I’m going to be in the gym every day, eat strict paleo, add in extra cardio, lift more, lose weight…”  And while there’s nothing wrong with having goals in mind, it’s important to give yourself the room to be realistic.  Maybe you get sick and miss a workout or you fall short of your Whole 30 goals.  We need to remember that missteps are not failures.  We are all human and we’ve all felt what it’s like to come up short.  With an “all or nothing” attitude, it’s easy to have a misstep and throw in the towel.  “I binged this week, so I’ll just start again Monday.”  “I didn’t make it to the gym today, I’ll take the rest of the week off.”  When we come in to the New Year with these attitudes and often times unrealistic expectations, it sets us up to be unsuccessful.  “I’m either going to do everything perfectly or nothing at all.”  You can and maybe have applied this to realms of your life outside of the gym: work, school, relationships, etc.  I know that I have, which is why in 2018, I’m focusing on changing my “all of nothing” attitude to a more balanced approached that’s realistic for my life.  I plan on doing this by: 


  1. 1.  Creating realistic goals: 

I will choose goals that have an appropriate timeline, fit well with my school schedule and are things I can do consistently.  I’ve made the mistake in the past of giving myself deadlines that are not realistic.  Anytime these goals have not been reached it feels like a failure.  By creating a practical timeline, accomplishing my goals will be achievable.  While I have specific health and fitness goals, the reality is that school comes first. These fitness goals need to coincide with my academic goals as well. Finally, my goals will be things I can keep up with and be consistent about.  Being healthy is for the long haul.  And while it may be appealing to think we can reach a healthy state and be done, it doesn’t work that way. Longevity in regards to health is the goal.  This is about a lifetime of fitness, not one week, month or year.  Stay consistent over time!  


  1. 2.  Re-setting, not restarting: 

“Failure is falling down, and refusing to get back up.”  In the quest to better ourselves and accomplish our achievements, we tend to not leave room for mistakes.  It’s important to know that we’ll rarely be absolutely flawless in our game plan. When we do make a mistake, we have a choice.  We can allow it to throw us off.  Or, we can choose to acknowledge our mistake, learn from it and get back on track.  The latter inspires growth, self-learning and encourages us to keep working towards our goals.  



  1. 3.   Being kind to myself: 

As I’ve mentioned throughout this post, it is inevitable that there will come a time where we miss a day at the gym, overeat, don’t hit the numbers we want to hit or make a mistake.  During these times of what may feel like defeat, remember to be kind to yourself.  Yes, you’ve made an error.  But that error does not define you, your journey or your work ethic.  Beating yourself up will only make it harder to get back up and continue on your goal path.  Love yourself through the journey.  Remind yourself that you’ve made a choice to become a better you and that in itself is an accomplishment.  Work on positive self-talk, self-care and acknowledge that YOUR best is enough.   


So, let’s steer clear of these “all or nothing” attitudes in 2018!  

Practicing Balance in Life Led Me to 3 Helpful Findings

Written by Coach Elijah,

As I head into the new year my biggest priority is, balance. My perspectives on life have shifted and I’m finding new passions, different motivations, as well as cultivating new and meaningful relationships. With all of that comes the difficulty in managing my time and stress. I have a lot on my plate that I love, but it can be difficult at times.

I have a passion for fitness, coaching, nutrition research, cooking, family, etc. and though I am still figuring it all out, here are a few things that have worked in helping me prioritize what’s most important to me in life right now…

First and foremost. When am I going to train? When am I going to cook? When am I going to coach? When will I spend time with my family? For me, having a loose flexible schedule is key to balancing all that I need to get done, and then holding myself accountable to that schedule. I bought my first big paper calendar this year (sounds silly I know.) Sitting down every Sunday, mapping out my week, making notes of all the things I need to get done and being able to see my calendar on paper everyday has helped me so much in terms of managing my time.

When it’s time to cook and eat, focus solely on cooking and eating. When it’s time to train, focus solely on training. When I have time to spend time with my family, they get my undivided attention. This means shutting the phone off, and being engaged. Im not perfect, I still have days where I check my phone in-between sets, or respond to an email when I’m cooking some food. I have found the more that I can keep myself in the moment and focus all my attention on what I’m doing, not only am I more productive, but I feel better and the quality of my actions is at its highest. This takes a lot of practice and awareness!

With a busy life schedule it can be easy to forget about your individual wellness and needs. As much as I prioritize all of the things I need to get done on a weekly basis, I also make sure to carve out some me time. If you don’t take care of yourself, managing all other responsibilities is going to be daunting.

Practicing these things has been vital to my balance. We only have 24 hours in a day and I’m not perfect in getting all these things done, but it’s all about progress, not perfection. I am extremely excited for 2018. Life seems to get sweeter every year and I feel so fortunate to be where I am. Express gratitude daily, love yourself, love others.

Mapping out a plan for 2018 – Coach Ashley

“If you don’t know where you’re going you might not get there.” –Yogi Berra

In 2017 I was training harder than I ever had, eating the best I have in my lifetime and was surrounded by a core group of friends that are incredible to say the least. I enter 2018 training less, trying to improve my overall relationship with food and still, thankfully, surrounded by those incredible friends. I also charge forward with new direction and focus on where I want to go in this new year.

Last year I was training and eating like I was because I didn’t want to feel left out, it was convenient, I had people tell me I should and (most days) it was fun. Not because that was my goal, and that’s exactly why it didn’t last. I wasn’t pulled towards these things by passion. Folks would ask me if I was training for regionals or some grand finish line. Nope. I’ve heard athletes speak of regionals or the games being their goal but that never stirred up anything within me. Those goals sound stinkin’ cool but that’s not enough to pull me out of bed at 5am to train or say no to ice cream at a party.

2018 isn’t about FOLLOWING a dream or idea anymore but rather being PULLED so strongly towards my passion that nothing can tempt me away from it, get in the way of it, or divert my drive towards it. This year I have an idea of where I want to go and I can start setting a plan or roadmap to get me there.

Managing New Year Resolutions when Everyone is Talking Change – 3 Strategies for Success in 2018

Happy New Year Iron Athletes!

EVEN if you lived under a rock…some way…somehow…you have inevitably been exposed to some kind of advertisement talking about new year resolutions. So what do you do when you are inundated with this idea that you have to change everything about yourself?

FIRST Breathe & Brainstorm
Nothing was ever accomplished without planning and preparedness. You are going to take 20 minutes and write down EVERYTHING you think will make you a better person (for your eyes only). Then each week, you will pick JUST ONE thing to implement into your normal routine. Once it becomes habit and not feeling like “extra” effort (hopefully in 1-2 weeks) then we go back to our list and add in something else in addition to the great new habit you have completed!

SECOND Be Consistent
People are made up of what they practice every day. It is easy to focus on the outcome, but the process is what gets you there so you need to bring clear intent to the work you do each day and that is easy when our goals become a priority in our life. Try ranking your brainstorm list or pull out what seem to be the most important things to you right now and that will make it easier to be consistent with your weekly task of one new thing to add to your schedule. If you don’t care about what you are doing, then it will show in the work.

THIRD Be Your Biggest Cheerleader
Before anyone else believes you can do it, you have to believe you can. Lots of times, I have frustrations about how I look and fears about how capable I can be at CrossFit, but all of that is based on other’s perceptions or future experiences that haven’t happened yet. I shut myself down before I even have a chance to feel good and that is how we fall from what’s really important to us. Fear of failure.

Do not fall victim to false perceptions. Love yourself in order to build resiliency to the pangs of life and keep good people around you that affirm the things you value in your own life!

  • Coach Josh

Stay Tuned for next week when Coach Ashley Shares her thoughts on Resolutions!


Benchmark Testing: Numbers aren’t the only thing we are training when we test workouts

Hey Iron Athletes,

What an amazing week of testing! The bell literally broke three times in one day because of all your fantastic 1 Rep Max Efforts! At the same time, some of us struggled. Our legs weren’t under us or shoulders didn’t have it that day. The important thing to remember is it was one day. One opportunity to meet a challenge and come through the other side of it a stronger person. Maybe you were stronger physically this go around or maybe you had an entirely different battle. One that left you short of your goal. That’s only true however if your only takeaway from testing is the number.

Testing 1 rep max lifts or benchmark WODs are really important for us because there is something on the line, right? You can feel it as you set up for the workout. That building bellyache or 4th trip to go pee leaves is really a symptom of a bigger question: “Am I better?”

You’d be wrong though if you thought the answer to that question lies solely in the score you got that day. Don’t get me wrong. If you got a bigger 1 rep max or a faster score, then there is definite improvement and you should be proud! But, has every day felt like that? Has every workout been a win?

My point is, if you are not also considering what has also changed throughout your life with work, relationships, sleep, food, training schedule, new pets, whatever, then we are limiting our scope of success.

Before you set up for a workout or even before you come into the gym, realize that we are a product of ALL the choices we make and whether they have been good or bad, they have gotten us this far. That’s your reality so embrace it and find a way to make the most out of your next 24 hours. If we spend time complaining about our situation or getting frustrated at our performance, then we focus our time and attention on the negative. Instead, spend your time being thankful for what has brought you here. Set up excited that you get to use your body and fight to make it stronger. If you hit that moment in the workout where you feel like your failing, then be happy. You have reached a new threshold and your new task is to be better than you thought possible.

Greatness is reserved for people that seek challenges in life.

See you in the gym,



Squat Like a G! Among Other Things…

Written by: Coach Elijah

I’m always watching weightlifting & CrossFit videos to learn new cues or methods professionals are implementing in order to better my ability.Seeing as how we are in the middle of our strength cycle, I thought this video would be helpful in pointing out 2 things that will help build a better squat:

(1) After watching the video, did you see how every one of the lifters (for the most part) keeps their grip narrow, upper back really tight and chest up. They let their knees break first and travel over their toes and really drive with their quads. As they come out of the hole (bottom of the squat) they come out with speed and drive their upper back into the bar. This keeps the torso upright and maximizes efficiency.

(2) See how they attack the weights. Each rep looks like a max effort. Because it is. They take their time between reps, get their breathing right and focus on making each attempt technically perfect. This is the approach we all need to have. Getting stronger is hard, and requires you to constantly push weight. Don’t be afraid to fail a rep, and push yourself. You can handle more than you think.

At 2:21 you will she that girl squatting, and as she drives out of the hole her hips rise immediately, shifting the weight into her hamstrings, glutes and back, eliminating the use of the quads. Not ideal, and technically not great. She isn’t quite able to keep her torso upright with that load and she ends up failing the last rep.

As you progress in the sport, PR’s will be fewer and farther between. Focus on your technique and maximize your efficiency. Every rep, from your air squat warm ups to your max out 1 reps should look the same. Constant attention to the details, and dedication to maximizing your technique will allow the PR’s to continue to roll in.

-Coach Elijah

Insta @crossfitironindustry

Here is Why CrossFitters Should Love Running

CrossFit Endurance Instructor Chris Hinshaw is an amazing Triathlete turned CrossFitter after experiencing how greatly it’s training principles improved his health. Now, he turns his incredible knowledge of triathalon and endurance training on CrossFit’s best athletes and proves that you can structure aerobic workouts that will not weaken your other skills, but rather strengthens each component drastically!

Here is a fantastic podcast interview with Chris Hinshaw explaining the science and detail of this method in greater depth, produced by Barbell Shurgged. You can also check out his website to see 4 weekly workouts posted with these goals in mind!

My 3 Take-Aways:

  1. 1. 2 Days a week along with regular CF Training is what it takes!
  2. 2. You develop an amazing awareness for intensity at bodyweight when you run building a precise understanding of your capacity.
  3. 3. We want to use running to increase the relationship between our anaerobic and aerobic capacity (400 meter time versus mile time) and this should be done while remembering that younger athletes (under 40) will benefit from an endurance training program whereas older athletes (over 40) benefit from speed training.

Friday Night Frights Events Announced!

Individual Competition – Rx Division


6-minute cap to find your 1 Rep Max of the complex: 1 Power Snatch + 1 Hang Squat Snatch

*Athletes cannot drop the weight between the two movements.


3-minute AMRAP of Sumo Deadlift High Pulls at 95/65 immediately followed by a 1-minute AMRAP of 15′ Rope Climbs. Every Rope Climb completed awards the athlete an additional 20 seconds to complete an AMRAP of Thrusters at 95/65.

(For example: An athlete performs 30 SDHPs in 3 minutes, then goes into their minute of rope climbs and completes 2 which gives them 40 seconds to complete as many thrusters as possible. Score is total repetitions of SDHP’s + Thrusters.)


50 Handstand Push-ups for time; every time you break from the wall, do 5 pistols. 6-minute cap.

Individual Competition – Scaled Division


6-minute cap to find your 3 Rep Max Power Clean.

*Athletes can drop the weight between repetitions, but only have 5 seconds to have moved the bar from the ground starting their next repetition. Judge will count them down.


3-minute AMRAP of Thrusters at 35 pounds. Athletes then have 30 seconds to transition to their rower before beginning a 2-minute AMRAP of Rowing for Calories. Score is total repetitions of Thrusters + Calories rowed.)


75 Hanging Knee Raises for time; every time you break from the bar, do 10 burpees. 6-minute cap.

Friday Night Lights Workouts – August 12th Partner competition

Rx Division – Workout 1 is a chipper for time – 12 minute cap!

30 Partner Deadlifts 225
30 Calorie Row
30 Double Unders
30 Wall Balls 20/14
30 Partner Deadlifts 275

Other than the deadlift, each partner will complete ALL 30 repetitions before there partner can start their 30 repetitions. Once both partners complete 30 reps EACH, then they can move to the next station! The workout is for time with a 12 minute cap. Standards reviewed prior to the event at 6:30!

Rx Division – Workout 2 has 2 parts. Part 1 is FRAN for time – 5 minute cap!

21 – 15 – 9
Thrusters 95/65

Only one person works at a time while they work to complete all 90 reps. Each person must do at least 1 repetition.

2 minutes prior to the start of this workout – part 2 will be announced that starts at the 5 minute cap mark, even if all the athletes haven’t finished all 90 reps. Everyone stops and starts the second workout which will be a couplet involving the loaded barbells (95/65) and a gymnastics movement for another 21 – 15 – 9! If you can handle Fran, you can handle this workout.

Rx Division – Floater – Sign ups available first come first serve at the event. The floater will be posted on the sign up board!


Scaled Division – Workout 1 is a chipper for time – 12 minute cap!

30 Partner Deadlifts 155
30 Calorie Row
60 Single Unders
30 Air Squats
30 Partner Deadlifts 275

Other than the deadlift, each partner will complete ALL repetitions before the other partner can start their repetitions. Once both partners complete the listed reps EACH, then they can move to the next station! The workout is for time with a 12 minute cap. Standards reviewed prior to the event at 6:30!

Scaled Division – Workout 2 is a couplet for time – 5 minute cap!

21 – 15 – 9
Power Clean 95 / 65 (KB Swing Modification if needed)
Box Jump Overs 18″ / 12″ (step up modification if needed)

Only one person works at a time while they work to complete all 90 reps. Each person must do at least 1 repetition.

2 minutes prior to the start of this workout, part 2 will be announced that starts at the 5 minute cap mark, even if all the athletes haven’t finished all 90 reps. Everyone stops and starts the second workout which will be a couplet with a weight and a gymnastics movement for another 21 – 15 – 9! If you can handle the first workout, you can handle this workout.

Scaled Division – Floater – Sign ups available first come first serve at the event. The floater will be posted on the sign up board!

Torn hands? How to heal and how to prevent tearing


This week’s blog post is in response to all those out there struggling with tearing hands. It happens! We get calluses, chalks mixes with sweat and those rough hands become softer and skin starts to pull and sometimes can tear… and it totally sucks. In the shower, typing at work, you feel it all the time and your workouts suffer cause our grip gets challenged. So here is what to do…

PREVENTION: Shave calluses, Work Grip Strength, and monitor wear and tear.

Using a ped egg, razor, file, cheese grater or whatever to file down those calluses removing excess skin that easily loosens and pulls the rest of your hands apart during the workouts. That being said, your skin gets pulled by the sliding of your hand on the bars. Working on grip strength and having a better hold of bars, will reduce the amount of excess rubbing…especially, false gripping those Muscle Ups! Finally, use straps during lifts or GHDs instead of Toes To bar so that you balance the amount of gripping you actually do day to day saving our hands for more workouts.

POST TEAR CARE: Keep them Clean, Use ointments, and tape up.

First and foremost, clean them. Bite your bottom lip and clean them right away and then bandage them up with some ointments: Neosporin or Aquafor (if its a surface tear or like a popped blister). If it is a deeper bleeding tear, then don’t cut the skin away, but just wash and wrap and modify those workouts to give your hand time. For those surface tears, here is a great video on how to tape up!

Buy Grips?! So if taping and tearing become an often occurence, you may want to look at different grips, gloves or gymnastic straps to help your way through CrossFit. This is a common need for the avid CrossFitter and wraps can be used as preventative or post tear care! Here is a popular option for straps and wraps! And for those of you looking for the full package of hand care products, there are also options like the WOD Welder Handcare Kit from Rogue Fitness!