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Elijah Christie

I was born and raised in Bellingham, and graduated from Bellingham High in 2010. Growing up I played baseball and basketball until I took off for college in 2010 where I went to Central Washington University for 2 years. I came home in 2013 and finished up my AA at Whatcom Community College. I started working as a personal trainer when I was 20 and started coaching CrossFit when I was 23. During this time I also started my own company called Evergreen Strength that specifically focuses on training youth, high school and college athletes! I’ve been CrossFitting for 4 years now and love what it allows me to do physically. My favorite lift is the clean and jerk, but I also love a good long, sweaty metcon. Aside from coaching CrossFit, training clients and growing Evergreen Strength, I also coach High School basketball out in Ferndale.

Outside of the gym you can find me up at Galbraith on my mountain bike or up at baker snowboarding and split boarding. Basically anything outdoors is my jam whether it’s camping on the beach in La push or backpacking in North Cascades National park.  At home I have 3 ducks a dog and a huge veggie garden! My physical goals at the moment are to maintain strength and build my work capacity to survive long bike rides and treks in the backcountry. I enjoy a good long suffer followed by a cold beverage! I love the Bellingham community and the inclusive culture we have created at CFII. Moving everyday, nourishing your body with real, whole food and not taking yourself too seriously is my recipe for a happy, fulfilling life. 🙂