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Jake DiMaggio

Fitness and sport have played a huge role in my life and instilled in me so many of values and lessons that make up who I am today. My father put me in my first wrestling program when I was three and it was something we were able to share through my whole childhood. I was very fortunate to get to travel around the world and compete at a very high level, meeting plenty of amazing people and forming lifelong friendships along the way. When a knee injury ended my dreams of wrestling in college, I moved to Bellingham for school and have never looked back. However, when I got up here, I felt that there was something seriously lacking in my life that just wasn’t being fulfilled with my 90-minute meat head sessions at the college rec center. Then one day while walking through Fairhaven I peered in through some windows and saw Josh building a weightlifting platform, surrounded by the hanging ropes and the gymnastic rings, I had never seen anything like it before. I went in to ask him what kind of gym this was, and I think I signed up for a 6-month membership about 3 minutes later.

Immediately I found that the thing I had been missing was the community that I had had in sports, the people around you who are fighting through the same challenges and constantly pushing what you thought were your absolute physical and mental limits. CFII gave me that community back as well as challenged me to become a better athlete than I ever thought I could be. As a member, I met some of my best friends in this gym and became a version of myself that was healthy and happy, a version that I loved. Now as a coach, it’s the highlight of my day getting to be a part of people’s personal journeys towards health, happiness, and self-love. What we do for 60 minutes a day here is simply a conduit for the other things in our lives that we are passionate about, whether it’s skiing or mountain biking, or playing with your kids in the back yard or even finishing your first 5K, my philosophy as a coach is to meet you where you are at and reach those goals one step at a time.

Why I do CrossFit:

A Shoulder surgery has shifted my goals in CrossFit away from competing professionally and now I am focused on the longevity of my health. I want to be able to go hike with friends at a moments notice, or join a softball team  for the first time, and most importantly I want to be doing those things for the next 50 years.