Iron Industry Staff and Members work to be active, positive participants in the Bellingham community. We have several ongoing programs hosted at CFII and upcoming events listed below. If you would like to volunteer for an upcoming event or submit an event request that you believe Iron Industry can support, please do so by contacting Owner, Josh O’Donnell. Below are our programs and ways you can get involved in our community.

Additionally, our coaches share in a list of resources in the community for anyone seeking support during this challenging time. Whether support for social services or financial services, our coaches work to bridge the gap for members that need resources necessary for building holistic health and that involves a strong community of support.

Our current volunteer programs are on hold until the Fall 2020.

Ambassador Program

“As an ambassador for CFII, I strive to help create and inclusive community that inspires, educates, and challenges individuals of all ability levels. I actively participate in learning about the craft of coaching and the inner workings behind running a gym.  I share my CrossFit story through social media, word of mouth, and strategic participation in local events to help the CFII community grow.”

This program is open to collegiate students of Western Washington University, Whatcom Community College, Bellingham Technical College, and more. Just ask!

Max Higbee Center Class

MHC is an organization providing recreational activities for adults with developmental disabilities. Since January 2018, CFII has hosted bi-monthly classes using movement and exercise as therapy for the MHC crew.

Visions CrossFitSeamar runs a youth treatment program that incorporates recreational outings and CFII is happy to host their weekly class since April 2018.

DONATIONS: We are always able to raffle off personal training sessions or a free month for organizations planning fundraisers 🙂