• Perfect for Team Challenges!

  • The Fit Life ONLINE challenge was designed for individuals to take progressive daily steps at home towards improving their overall health! We do this by posting daily workouts / tasks that each individual completes. This challenge runs from September 7th to October 12th! When you sign up, you will be contacted by your coach and every week, we will send you the revised link for next week’s workouts, along with a challenge for the week and some prompting questions for you to submit back to your coach tracking progress!

    Week 1 – Sept 9th – 16th Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
    The mountain: 2 rounds- 50 mountain climbers, 20 Jumping Jacks, 50 Mtn Climbers, 10 Burpees, 50 Mtn Climbers, 1 minute plank. 3 Rounds completing 1 minute AMRAPs of each station: Squats, Pushups, Lunges, Sit-ups, Burpees, rest. 20 minute Walk, then complete this mobility series: 2 minute Couch Stretch on Right/Left, 2 minute Pigeon Right / Left, 10 Sink Stretch Reaches, 30 second trunk twists and 30 second arm swings. 3 Rounds for time: 50 squats, 30 plank shoulder taps, 20 push ups. 4 rounds for time: 400m run, 15 burpees BASELINE: For time complete: 40 squats, 30 sit ups, 20 push ups, then 40 lunges, 20 push ups, 1 min hollow. Rest
  • Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions about the challenge!

  • – Coach Josh & Coach Ashley

Email josh@crossfitironindustry.com or ashley@crossfitironindustry.com