Joshua O’Donnell
– Level 1 CrossFit Trainer
– CrossFit Weightlifting Trainer
– Certified Personal Trainer with National Academy of Sports Medicine
– Certified Spinning Instructor
– Endurance & Challenge Race Athlete


I was 13 years old when I first really started working out. I wanted to prepare myself for playing football and looking at me simply would tell you how unprepared I was. At 5′ 3″ 204 pounds moving for me was tough so my Dad (who also was the football coach) started me out “slow”. Tuesday and Thursday mornings we would run before school at 6am and Monday, Wednesday, Friday, we would lift weights after school. This was my schedule for about the next 6 years. My runs got longer, my lifts got stronger. I am forever grateful for the push he gave me and the learned habit of working hard.Then in college life took an unexpected turn leading me down the path of advocacy and education about domestic violence and sexual assault. Through 8 years of this work, I learned a lot of beautiful things, but had lost sight of keeping balance in my own life and at 27 found myself struggling with my health. Years of consumption left me at over 300 pounds with bad habits. Then as many experience it, a friend introduced me to CrossFit.

3 years later I am professionalizing my renewed passion. After managing and lead coaching a gym in LA, I am back in the PNW striving to remind all the people I interact with that they CAN be happy, proud, and get EVERYTHING they want out of life. Working out was a way for me to see accomplishments every day. Running 1 extra mile or doing 1 more push-up even…I made a choice to do those things and now am right where I want to be. How can I support you in changing your life today?


Ashley Grieg
Assistant CrossFit Coach

B.A. Kinesiology
CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
ACSM – Group Exercise Instructor
CPR First Aid Certified


A Bellingham native, Ashley fell in love with fitness in college while playing softball at Everett Community College and Whitworth University. After earning her first degree in Kinesiology, she worked at Whitworth University as a strength coach and at CrossFit Spokane as an assistant coach.  Ashley enjoys sailing, cycling, eating ice cream and wearing ball caps.

Sophie Wolz
Assistant CrossFit Coach


Hello! I’ve been a CrossFit Athlete for 2 and a half years and coaching for 1 year – in addition, I have been a certified personal trainer for one year. I’m a senior at Western Washington University studying kinesiology. I love sharing my passion for fitness with people old, young, new and seasoned to CrossFit.

Elijah Christie
Assistant CrossFit Coach


I am 23 years young and a Bellingham native born and raised. I grew up playing as many sports as I could, and lived in a household full of athletes. I fell in love with the weight room at about 14 when my dad bought me my first weight set and have had a serious love and passion for health and fitness and people ever since! I believe fitness is vital to a happy healthy productive life! I’ve been a certified personal trainer and coaching bootcamps for about a year and loving every bit of it! Crossfit is a fantastic way for people to learn and live a healthier life while making friends and having a great time doing it!

Jordan Robles
Assistant CrossFit Coach


Jordan Robles is a full time student at Western Washington University. She grew up in Burien, Washington and is a big fan of the PNW.Jordan discovered Crossfit in the Spring of 2014. She was hooked after her first workout. Jordan’s favorite part of Crossfit is the Olympic lifting aspect and the community. She is passionate about health and fitness and hopes to help others on their healthy journeys as well.Jordan will graduate in 2 years with a degree in psychology. She hopes that Crossfit, health and fitness will always remain a part of her life.

Joe McGill
Assistant CrossFit Coach

Hi! I am a native of Bellingham and enjoy many of the recreational opportunities this area has to offer. I’ve been climbing since I was 15 and over the years have pursued mountain biking, running and sailing. I learned early on how much better I perform with a strong base of fitness and in 2009 earned my National Federation of Professional Trainers, Personal Fitness Instructor certification. Since then I have trained people for running, softball, mountaineering, competitive climbing, and general fitness. My clients have ranged from middle aged couples just getting started in fitness training to youth climbers going to the USAC National championships. I have also taught bootcamps and I coach a youth climbing team. I haven’t found anything more satisfying than sharing my love of training with others and helping them reach their goals! So whether you’re new to CrossFit or have specific athletic goals, I’m here to help you succeed, safely and efficiently, and we’re gonna have fun doing it!