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Strength and Conditioning

The backbone of our programming, our Strength and Conditioning class is designed to build overall health and fitness. Each Class at Iron Industry works to meet members where they are at so every fitness level is welcome! Still not sure if you are ready for class? Take advantage of our Starter Pack and get your first 3 introductory sessions 1 on 1 with a coach!

Strength & Conditioning class consists of a warm-up, skill, and metabolic conditioning segments.

WARM-UP: 10-15 minutes of light activity customized to prep you for the days work.

SKILL: this segment cycles through the basic human movements of squat, hinge, push, pull. Using basic lifts and accessories exercises personalized by each coach’s training methodology, we strengthen and balance your functional capabilities.

METABOLIC CONDITIONING: this is where we speed things up! Using the clock for motivation and to measure our progress, we up the intensity to build work capacity and practical cardiorespiratory stamina.

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