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Grizzly Gardens

Grizzly Gardens is a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program that operates alongside our fitness program & facility Iron Industry Athletics. We all know food is important for our health and fuels our fitness, but more than ever we are experiencing the need for better sourced foods. Not only for our bodies, but to respect the earth we all share for coming generations.

My wife and I operate this 2,000 sq foot farm growing all sorts of veggies, herbs, and flowers in Skagit County, WA. Feeding our family has been fun and now we want to share that passion with our community!

Our CSA Program is a weekly pick-up of veggies from our garden for you and yours! When you sign up, Josh will supply you with harvest dates letting you know what goods can be expected during your subscription because other than your grocery store…I can only grow what grows here…in Skagit! So come spring, I hope you like lettuce and peas! 🙂

Then you can let me know what your eating goals are on our Get Started page…do you want a small weekly subscription that helps supply your daily snacking OR a big box weekly subscription to help feed your family? Based on your quantity and what can be harvested, we will come to an agreed price for each weekly pickup handled through cash, check, venmo, and good old fashioned trades…like work for me for a couple hours in the garden!

On a final note…I have never had a great relationship with healthy foods. I was raised on McDonald’s and was certainly “Lovin it”. After becoming a pretty unhealthy person, I wanted a change. That led me to CrossFit, which led me to learning about food, which led me to opening my eyes about our food industry. Having a kid two years ago only helped spur my actions to realizing we can make an impact and change our lives personally and to better our community.

I look forward to sharing some food with you!