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Gym Consultation Services

Consultation Services include:

After owning and operating CrossFit Iron Industry for 6 years with a staff of 9 coaches and over 120 members, I learned a lot of strategies to run a successful business and space. Here is what I can offer you:

  • Gym Space Layout and Design: Send me the square footage and equipment you have / desire and I will help you design the space for optimal storage and performance. This will also pertain to you or your training communities goals – weightlifting, endurance work, group size, etc.

Gym Management: Are you currently running the show all by yourself? Coaching, managing members, online presence, staff schedules, finances…the list goes on and it’s too much for one person to build desired success. That’s where I come in and share the administrative duties for your program. A lot of times, the pitfalls are a lack of documentation and tracking for who is coming in the door. I can build your website, offer gym documents (training manuals, staff handbooks, schedule management), offer experience with big name brands and more to build an effective foundation for you to run your business. A big part is giving you the tools you need to make less work for the future so you can focus on the classes and the people.

Event Coordination and Hosting: I have had many successes running CrossFit and weightlifting competitions at my gym and have the recipe already written to plan your next event.

Compensation: Project Assessment – FREE – Let’s talk about your project and how I can help, then we can set prices from there.

Estimated service costs: Hourly rate for projects is about $75/hour. Longer standing projects or gym management is usually a 20% payout on increased memberships, but again, let’s talk. Email me at