Carrie Lynn Mitchell

2019 CrossFit Games Athlete

Josh worked with me in a way I think not a lot of coaches can offer.  When Josh and I worked together he was super intuitive to how I was doing physically and mentally.  Josh knew what was going on in my life but also pushed me to excellence daily.   He took into account my hours not spent at the gym and accommodated to help me choose wisely how to train hard but also continue to build mental fortitude.Josh helped me immensely with my self confidence because he believed in me and wouldn’t let me settle for half believing in myself.  Josh patiently taught me it was ok to believe in my abilities and to be proud of them and who I am.  I couldn’t have matched a better fit for me and my year leading up to the CrossFit Games that year.  He truly balanced supporting me and leading/teaching my athletic career in a unique and thoughtful way.  Josh coaches with intense heart and consistent energy.  He is a phenomenal person and teacher. – Carrie Lynn Mitchell, 2019 CrossFit Games Athlete

Elijah Christie

Owner of Evergreen Strength,

Previously Asst. Head Coach with Josh at Iron Industry.

“Working alongside and underneath coach Josh for 5 years was a huge catalyst for my growth as an athlete as well as a working professional in the fitness industry. Josh is an amazing motivator and understands how to see, coach and cue movement as well as how to program to set people up for success. Pair his knowledge of exercise with his own fitness journey experience and you get a coach that is extremely compassionate, relatable and understanding. Not only will you get a coach that knows how to get you to your goals, you also get a mentor that will keep you accountable and find ways to move you forward in manageable steps. 
On the professional side of things, Josh was amazing at letting his coaches have autonomy and giving them room to grow into their authentic self. He provided all the tools and knowledge necessary to improve as a trainer while also letting his coaches have their own style, make mistakes and ultimately grow. This is a characteristic that is rare in the modern workplace but is vital to long term success and building a team oriented culture. He leads with work ethic, energy and trust. 
I couldn’t recommend Josh enough as a coach, mentor and team leader.” – Elijah Christie, Head Coach and Owner of Evergreen Strength

Ria Van Weerdhuizen ~

I started working out with Josh in 2015. At that time I didn’t trust myself with most movements, including deadlifting more than 75 pounds. My fitness journey had me believing that while movement was important I’d always struggle to “keep up”.
Josh’s encouragement, his broader perspective, and focus on moving well bolstered my confidence. Through Iron Industry Athletics, Josh introduced me and mentored amazing coaches like Ashley and Elijah. Working with all of them I built my confidence to deadlift 200 pounds. Josh also introduced me to indoor rowing, a movement that is suited for my height, strength and endurance. I’m so glad  he helped me shift my perspective from what I “should” be doing to what I can and am doing today. Which this morning was confidently deadlifting 6 reps at 245.”